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On Adoption

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On Theater

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For SheKnows

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I'm Glad I Went to an Orgy While I Was Pregnant

My 5-Year-Old Is Moving Across the Country Without Me 

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For Romper/Bustle

Let's Just Talk About The Postpartum Queef

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Why I Talk So Openly About My Pregnancy Sex Experiences

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This Is What Your Baby Shower Is Like When You're Placing Your Baby For Adoption

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Honestly, I Couldn't Have Given Birth Without My Labor & Delivery Nurse By My Side

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As A Birth Mom, Sometimes I Feel Like A Fraud

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My Epidural Was Perfectly "Natural," Thank You Very Much

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How I Became Sex Positive — Again — After My Sexual Assault

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Why Is Adoption So Expensive? A Look At The Rising Costs

Honestly, I Don't Care If You Think Placing My Son For Adoption Makes Me A Bad Mom

I Got Dumped During My Third Trimester

Actually, Sex During My Third Trimester Was Awesome

For The Brief

Nonprofits Working To Provide Femme Care Products To Those In Need

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Advice Column: Help Me Dylan

When You Finally Admit You Were Molested

When You Have a Probably-Harmless Crush

When Your “Friend” Is Out of Jail for Child Porn

When Your Partner’s Friend Is Depressed and Destructive

When Your Coworkers Really Really Don’t Get You

When You Have Herpes

When the World Is Fucking Ending and You’re Scared For Your Life

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When You Miss That One Ex

When Your Cousin Is a Misogynist Fuckbag (But You Love His Parents)

On Whether You Should Get Back Together with Your Jealous Ex

On Whether Some Dickbag Is Going to Mess You Up for Life (Hint: No)

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On Our Depressed Partners

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On Freeing Yourself From Worthless Dudes

On Telling Your Ex to Leave You Alone